Thoughts on survival

December 23, 2017

This morning I stood outside for a moment, inhaled the fresh air deep into my lungs, felt the cold temperature on my skin and grounded myself through my feet on the floor- and three things I was in touch with in that moment were: -


I am alive

Now at this time

Here in this place


During this week me and Eithne's thoughts have turned to survival- what do we need to survive?


In this time of acceleration, we find ourselves increasingly in need of real connection, a way to balance the screen time and something to orientate ourselves by that isn't dependant on something virtual. Being in touch with a natural rhythm- the moon, the weather, ourselves is something that is becoming less and less accessible in the increasingly digitised world. 


It's happening quickly but so sneakily that we're not always aware of it's affects- our energy is being leaked or siphoned off by notifications, email access anytime anywhere, likes and tweets and pokes. There's even been studies into the sinister use of conditional psychological methods to get us to use devices more, e.g. Netflix automatically loads new episodes of series we are watching to encourage us to binge watch.


We are told to get online and connect people! - but it's not the same or a replacement for real time connection. It is no wonder we are now seeking permission to be still, permission to listen to ourselves, and permission to connect to nature. In stark contrast to the past, in this day and age Freedom is to be still.


Of course there are hugely positive aspects to connecting on a digital plane but the speed at which this technological age has arrived means we are ill equipped to deal with it's affects or to even be fast enough to realise that the increased stress we all feel is a direct effect of technology in our lives.   




If we are no longer able to keep up with the world we have created and it is having a huge effect- how do we find a way to respond to that? What do we as artists need to create, and as people cultivate in ourselves to safeguard and to make the most of the positive uses at the same time?


Survival has never felt more dependent for me on being in a space with people, and in connecting to my body, to other people and in real life discussion and exploration. 


Good job we're in the studio embarking on a new research project...

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