In Production with Adrift...

August 9, 2016

Hello, it's now week 2 and we have arrived up in North Wales. We are complete with the raft, many mats and quite a lot of up-cycled plastic our designer Eleri Lloyd has sourced from recycling centres in Cardiff. We are keen that as much as possible of our production material is recycled and to add to that we'll be doing Kapow beach cleans as we go along the beaches up here too. 


(Last week we had a lead in week involving 2 days putting plans in place and having meetings with Sion Orgon (composer) and Eleri Lloyd (designer), 2 days with Acrobatics coach Matt Mulligan who helped us discover the acrobatic potential of the raft and coach us in movements we'd wanted to try during the research.


This was really exciting and a lovely way for us to hand over our process to a third person for us to settle in to it, a lovely beginning in fact. Then finally a day on the design- choosing plastics, shapes, functions and generally getting into how the show will look.) 





This week we're in beautiful Harlech in a very light rehearsal space complete with patio so we can try the show outdoors on good weather days... day one of physical explorations including eddying, crashing waves and negative space...what will the rest of the week hold? We're trying to stay true to the rule of being really open to not fix things in week one to allow discovery and the unknown to present opportunities...




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