Flipping, Flopping and Balancing on board.

August 5, 2016

 We're so delighted to be back together and to be finally in creation for 'Adrift'.

During our research we felt there was a lot of potential for dynamic movements and brave lifting on the raft, but without a spotter (someone to catch/make practising safer) we didn't feel like we could fully explore all of our ideas. So we decided a great lead in to this second phase would be to bring someone in who has the knowledge and skills to help us try out some more courageous things and help support us through some tricky balances. For this we brought in Matt Mulligan, an acrobat who is currently specialising in linking dance movement with his acrobatics in a fluid and seamless way. 



Matt did a wonderful warm up on day one, using breath, voice, games and rhythm to help us open up and feel present in our bodies. We built an awareness of where we are in space and started to work with drills of simple acrobatic movements. We progressed quickly through our existing acro skills and Matt then started twisting, turning and funking up some of our moves to make them a little more surprising, fast and committed. This was a great experience, a full power brain and body work out for us and I think a pleasure for Matt too who kept marvelling at how well co-ordinated we were, especially as Beth and I seemed to keep managing to do our acro drills in unison.


We then left Matt for some playtime on the raft and he quickly discovered just how challenging this piece of apparatus can be. It shifts at such odd angles that you never know quite what to expect mid move and rather than shifting like a seesaw front to back it rolls you round the corner taking your centre of gravity sideways, this is our challenge. 


After lunch Beth and I returned to find a rather hot but enthusiastic Matt poised and ready a-top the raft. It was time to take our acrobatic skills on board. Some worked, some did not, some require so much momentum it feels a little like a leap of faith but perhaps we'll make them happen in the end. He has left us with pages and pages of moves we have begun to build and we have some practising to do now.


We had a fun play session towards the end experimenting with a second platform and the idea of flying, jumping, leaning or diving between the two. This remains a big question mark but it certainly opens up some really nice possibilities. Watch this space :)


See more of Matt Mulligan at his website: -




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