Ignite! Dance Blast! MYDC

March 11, 2016

We spent such a wonderful week working with Monmounthshire Youth Dance this February and it's just one more week until we'll get to see them performing our new work in the theatre.


It was a fantastic collaboration and the company dived in 'literally' to creating a surreal underwater adventure with us. This piece is a work about the beauty of our oceans and about the consequences our actions can have. Yet to be named... we have given MYDC a selection of names from which they will vote on a name for a work. The piece has so much of their creativity and personality in it, we thought it right to name it together too.


In total we spent 7 days with the company, 2 in December and 5 in February and the work they have put in has been astounding. It is such a pleasure to work with such creative, open minded and courageous young people. They have really embodied the movement ideas we have challenged them with and they have embraced dancing with, around and manipulating objects - always a tricky thing to do. On our last day in Abergavenny we all sat down together and listened to the music from start to finish (15 mins), in this time each dancer reflected upon what they thought the work was about. This was a really moving experience for Beth and I, they have all so fully embraced the subject matter and their reflections were incredible, profound even and very honest.


Spending time thinking about plastic, about where it ends up, and physicalising the damage it can do has been a really memorable experience for us. The dancers have thought, imagined and seen the consquences of ignoring our responsibilties to our environment.


So as we move into performance week, we're wishing them a great show, we're reminding them what it's all about and we're hoping we can get the audience thinking too. Come and check it out if you're in Abergavenny or Cardiff area next week, http://boroughtheatreabergavenny.co.uk/events/dance-blast-ignite/.



Thank you to everyone at Dance Blast for such a wonderful experience. See you Abergavenny :)







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