An Invitation - to a birthday

March 6, 2016

Oh what a wonderful weekend!


What a pleasure it was to work along side and see 'An Invitation' by Jo Fong for the first time. I feel like this is a show I have heard so much about and I was delighted to finally get to see Beth, Luke and Jo in action. Such a playful, engaging and illuminating piece of work - made even better by the fact this perfomance happened in gorgeous Snowdonia on a rare and spectacular sunny day.


And as if that wasn't enough to enjoy, it was also Beth's birthday so a huge "Happy Birthday" to her! I was so happy to be there in such a wonderful place, with great company watching you do you thing :) 


'An Invitation' is on again in Manchester this week and then at BDE next week so if you haven't seen it yet, get going! Buy a ticket - they're selling out fast. Probably the show in which you get to know the performers the most in under an hour, there's no hiding in this one, a beautiful and honest performance.


I hope this year brings you many great, varied and exciting adventures Beth. Looks like you're off to a great start and I can't wait for Kapow to be on the road as well.


So from mountains, seas and castles to red brick and northern soul. Who knows where else this great big dance adventure can take us!



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