The final week of R&D

January 31, 2016



This week we've put ideas, musings, and dreams into scenes and sequences and after a brilliant week we're so excited to take this project forward.


Our goal this week was to create at least 3 scenes that could aptly communicate the potential of our ideas and give a real sense of the atmosphere we are aiming to create. This process ran much more smoothly than we had imagined, ideas and questions from December have settled and formed movement ideas which flowed and sat together naturally, albeit with some coaxing, patience and re-discovery of our raft. Mornings are our most creative time when creative juices are flowing, the afternoons can see the body suffering from being flung around the boat and it's harder to perfect things once that fatigue begins to set in. Pratice and patience are essential and we've hit on a model of making in the mornings and rehearsing in the afternoons which seems to work well for us.


I feel passionately that we have reached this place of clarity as a result of the more muddy waters of research in the first 3 weeks, we went through a process of trialling, making and throwing away, provoking one another and of questioning, what exactly is it that we want to make. Without the failures along the way we couldn't be where we are now and so I'm flying the flag for failing and flailing because it's a creative process...there needs to be doubt and brave attempts, and getting lost to find something...insert your own cliche here...they are cliches for a reason. (I am very relieved to not be singing a bawdy sea shanty atop our raft it has to be said so thank goodness for sound reason and good judgement too.)


We managed to get a whole 4 scenes to a state we felt they were sharing-worthy, and invited Jem Treays in to take a look on Friday afternoon, this aptly prepared us for the bigger sharing on Saturday. He gave brilliant feedback and food for thought, as well as teaching us a very useful system for directing feedback which I recommend to everyone- 


1. Audience say what they saw, felt and liked

2. Audience ask questions to makers

3. Makers ask questions to audience

4. Audience offer opinions/critique


Having Matt Mulligan host the sharing also left us free to concentrate on performing and receiving feedback from the people who came, and this was invaluable. A huge thank you to both Jem and Matt for your excellent advice.


After sharing we filmed what we have and are so excited to have begun to produce something solid which we are proud of and go on to shape and mould. Now the game is to evaluate the project thus far, cast our nets out into the wider sea, to see what comes back, and what is next on this big outdoor adventure for Kapow...



Beth Powlesland



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