Flotsam and Jetsam come to life...

December 23, 2015

In week one we identified two potential characters whose lives are tied to our raft and ever since I have been itching to start exploring their personalities. I had a feeling that better understanding the characters would unlock some things for us and help us find a clear direction for their story. This process couldn't begin however until we'd answered many other questions relating to our scenario; firstly, how on earth to move around safely on the raft, secondly, who would be which character and a whole host of questions about the characters lives, their arrival, their history and their future. One thing is for certain whenever you work with an object it becomes the other player in the work, you're not doing a duet on a raft, in fact you're doing a trio and it takes a lot of time to let that develop and flourish. 


But finally, Tuesday afternoon we chose our characters- myself as Flotsam and Eithne as Jetsam. 


Following this we set ourselves the task of improvising alone on the raft with certain character traits in mind, we began to explore how these two people would be if they found themselves adrift...


This exploration was extremely valuable and the further we go into it and commit to these characters the richer and more intriguing I feel their journey will become.


Once we've discovered more about our characters and embodied the way in which each will move, we are very excited to apply these ways of being to scene and ideas we've been working on. How will each react when faced with the other, how would they affect or infect one another's physicality, how are they under pressure, what is it like when they disagree, how do they find a sense of play, do they ever find a sort of symbiosis, how can they inform one another? 


The research continues...






Photo credit: Beth Powlesland

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