Eeee... I think it'a going to be a show

December 9, 2015


Today we had that breakthrough moment and all of a sudden all of our games, scenes, musings and open questions suddenly slotted into place and for the first time we feel we know how this show is going to go. We have a loose structure, a story for the characters, the physical games which will define their relationship and a dynamic arc. 


It’s a wonderful feeling, as though the tiny seeds of ideas which we have played with and spotted in video after video of exploration can now blossom into the playful partnering, identity and physical storytelling of the difficult and sometimes disgruntled duo. 


Like a wave on the ocean, the characters will roll through a whole host of emotions as they battle the odds, make the most of their situation, meet, greet and discover one another, try to get rescued, have some fun and then finally...




...we can’t give it all away!


This week has been a serious unlocking of character and a discovery of the tasks and intentions that will lead us to the detailed and complex interweaving of two bodies and two lives. I cannot wait to bring it to life and see the characters grow more and more along their journey. We’ve streamlined our focus and scrapped many ideas, a necessary editing process which will continue throughout the whole creation. We also wanted to test out some of the more risky imagery on our guests and wonderfully have found that so far, they work, and we can get away with some really fun and unexpected moments.


I want to say more but we’ve got some way to go before it’s fully formed. We’re drawing to the end of our research with a strong feeling that we’ve made the discoveries we wanted and needed to and that somehow Flotsam and Jetsam have brought themselves to life.





Photo credit: Peter Burnside

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