Open doors

December 8, 2015


Something we really wanted to do was to open up our process to Matteo Marfoglia and for him to interpret what we’ve been exploring in his own way.


Renowned performer for National Dance Company of Wales, Matteo has a passion for photography and has been developing his own artistic work alongside his performance and is actively seeking collaboration with other artists here in Cardiff.


We thought it could be a nice experiment to invite him in to our rehearsal, to take some shots of us on our raft, and for him to engage with us through his approach to work, and it turned out to be a very interesting night.


Matteo used the minimal light we had and created an interesting sculptural look to his shots. As you can see from the images on the blog, Matteo has a talent for capturing the unexpected. The way in which he frames shots is unique- it’s been a great night of exchange.


We were pleased to be able to engage with another member of the scene here in Cardiff whilst we’re here researching our work. If you want to contact Matteo directly please email him on:-


Open door continues tomorrow with the dance artist Rosalind Brooks coming to outside eye, then in the evening our set designer and maker Julian Payne. Julian will assess the raft, see how we’ve been using it and discuss improvements for the next stage of our work in 2016.








Photo credit: Matteo Marfoglia

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