Just another manic Monday

December 7, 2015


Week three and what a week it’s turning out to be. The growth in confidence is marked, and we are becoming experts in our tiny raft craft and with that comes breakthroughs in partnering on the unstable surface.


One element we wanted to explore in Adrift research was song, and so Monday was spent heartily singing sea shanties, and as a contrast, delicate folk songs whilst swaying, moving and standing on the raft.  I’ve had more experience in singing than Eithne, she has a lovely voice despite being a little nervous about using it, so we decided to do a session of me leading her through some voice work.


It was a great chance to explore teaching a voice warm up - using all of the techniques I have learnt over the years with Earthfall and most recently during Caroline Sabin’s project ‘Blood on the Snow’, to hone my approach.  We decided to continue with this as a part of our process, there are many more ideas of how we can use voice as a part of the eventual sound score, and it’s a lovely way to start. We’ll be using the same approach with Monmouthshire Youth Dance Company at our master-class this weekend and it’ll be interesting to see how they respond.


Monday also became a monumental day in the research because we scrapped an entire developed scene on the raft- this felt simultaneously scary and exactly the right thing to do. This has led to us having a much clearer idea of the direction we want to go in for the work, and the following week has been full of inviting people into the studio with us, sharing our ideas/dreams/physical sketches and a much needed progression into our characters.



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