How to think yourself to death, Kapow’s guide to week one…

November 27, 2015


This week felt like a whirlwind - driving in and out of Harlech, processing the reality of a creation when you are the performer, choreographer, director, administrator, driver, web-designer, blogger, technician, teacher and marketer. What feels amazing is to have dedicated space and time to emmerse ourselves in moving, creating and experimentation, it feels like all of the hard work leading up to this research has been worth it and the magic of making a show together has begun. 


Then, of course, the occasional surprise- what happens when one of you gets hit in the face?! Turns out, the key is to think on your feet and being able to change your plan but not your intention is crucial and positive discussion is as much a part of the process as moving. We feel extremely lucky to have the support of such a dedicated team here at Theatr Harlech, Siri, Gywn, Nikki, Paul and Dave hav been warm, welcoming and generous beyond the call of duty. 


We’ve discovered the importance of time not thinking about the project in order to remain creative and productive, it’s best to not talk about it over breakfast, in the car on the way there, in the studio, on your tea break, over lunch, over dinner, after dinner, whilst cleaning your teeth, and finally dream about it as well. We were so excited to get started that we burnt ourselves out and left the week feeling a bit exhausted - on the final day we even accidentally drove back to where were staying rather than back to the theatre to sign out. After a day off however, it’s easier to see all of the brilliant elements we explored and to put in place a more controlled schedule next week…let’s see how that one goes...maybe eventually we’ll give up trying to control anything!


It leaves me wondering how everyone else’s creative process’s are…please discuss this matter on our facebook page if you feel like leaving a response.


UPDATE 10th Dec...Chaos still reigns but we realise that's how we best create! 




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