Kapow awarded R&D for Adrift

November 3, 2015

Kapow have been awarded a research and development grant from The Arts Council of Wales, and despite having the set-back of needing to find alternative space, we're going to be up and running as intended on Nov 23rd...The process begins with a week's residency in the wonderful Theatr Harlech in North Wales and will continue for two further weeks in Theatr Iolo's space, Cardiff. 


The focus for week one will be improvisation, brainstorming, asking questions and looking at poems/short stories to inspire us along the way. Being in sight of the sea will certainly help and we're very grateful to Siri Wigdel for inviting us.


The focus for the two week's in Cardiff will be testing and interacting with the set built by Julian Payne, and developing our concept further. We are very thankful that the team at Theatr Iolo have come to the rescue with space for the final two weeks. 


We will be blogging each week to keep you updated...and on the facebook page you can ask us questions and leave comments of your own.

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