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Music Video - Performance and Choreography

We wanted to share with you this music video we worked on last year for the song Finery with North Wales folk band Golden Fable. This commission was to choreograph, dance and style the dancers ready for a shoot with direction and editing by George Ellis of Gellis Films.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tim and George and we are so delighted with the finished piece.

Tim said:

"We had a wonderful time making the video for Finery, which we shot in an old mill in Hawarden in north Wales, just before they put a big fence around it to prevent people gaining access. It was a pleasure to work with Kapow and George Ellis, who did a truly stunning job"

Tim, Golden Fable. 

We are also so honoured to get this great write up from Folk Radio:

"It is visually stunning, featuring superb camera work and the choreography is both intuitive, dramatic and mesmerising – a flawless performance that captures the essence of this song on every level…this goes beyond bold and imaginative."

For the full article click here

See the music video below:

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