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Music Video - Performance and Choreography

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Today we're sharing with you a music video shot in Bristol in 2016, a collaboration with the experimental band Proserpine who make their music together from different cities - very apt for the current climate of distancing.

Here's what they say about their band: -

'Proserpine is a project between David Johnson and Paul Balcombe.

All songs have been written while living in separate cities (Barcelona/Manchester - Bristol/London). We perform in various cities collaborating with local musicians.

We continue to collaborate with different artists and perform in interesting spaces.'

This film was shot in a studio on Bristol Harbour by talented film maker Catherine Gomez. The space was in the bottom of a boat, it fit the bill well for the shoot and was a first dance film on a boat experience for all involved!

Proserpine said- 'We had loads of fun working with these guys and you should check out their work.'

Big shout out to Catherine Gomez who made the film and check out the music and film below.

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