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Embodiment Audio Pods

Welcome to our audio pod series of guided embodiment.

You might be wondering what embodiment is, or you may be old friends. A nice way to think about it is that it's all about finding ways to connect to your body. Luckily there are a million ways to do that. Here at Kapow we are big fans of finding ways to be embodied- we practise dance, yoga, massage and meditative practises that range from breathing to running, to swimming, to climbing.

Something that is helpful to underpin this is practising self-kindness- and we mean practising it, as sometimes it can be hard to be kind to ourselves when life seems to be demanding a lot. Giving yourself time can feel counter-cultural and in fact, contrary to old attitudes of taking time being indulgent, it's important to give yourself time so that you can give out to others in turn. No one can give out water from an empty well!

During this time of separation we have been focusing on ways to share some of these approaches in creative ways with you. We've curated these audio journeys into embodiment and we hope they are helpful. We are starting with the Breath...

Breath Pod- Calming and peaceful (17 mins)

The breath is an endless journey from the moment we arrive here to the moment we depart, it is like a wave that is constantly moving in and moving out of our body, even the very cells that make up our body breathe. Ok, it is in a slightly different way to the breath we are aware of but nevertheless, every little intelligent cell in your body is breathing right now!

Interestingly our breath is one of the only things we know currently that we are able to both consciously and subconsciously affect. So if we feel anxious or stressed we sometimes without realising hold our breath and this can create tension in our body, but the good news is we can also consciously choose to invite the breath deeper into our body and with it reset the balance of how we feel moment to moment.

Sometimes it can feel helpful to have a guide on this journey and this is what this audio pod is all about, you can hand over and be held as you listen in and give your whole system a reset.

We hope you enjoy the journey, and it gives you a little moment of calm in your day. Any thoughts after you’ve tried it are welcome, feel free to leave us a few words or a comment.

Have a listen and see if it works for you.

Listen here on soundcloud

Coming soon...'Walk to Reset'

Another pod is on it's way, this next one will be about being purposeful, active and will invite you to shift your focus through a guided walk.


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