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“Really beautiful, so passionate and stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it” (Audience Member)

A spectacular fusion of water, dance and song.

Original music and dance create an immersive atmosphere of togetherness and celebration. A poetic story exploring the fleeting, ephemeral nature of life and how our survival is inextricably linked to our environment.

The stage comes to life with water effects and leaping fountains. The fountains provide numerous metaphors, representing obstacles in our lives, the ever changing landscape in which we all live, that nothing stays the same, that we can stand up, overcome and create change

"Fantastic performance, set, and innovation. Truly engaging and interesting - emotionally powerful and brilliant choreography."  (Mark Denbigh, Head of Production & Programme, Norfolk & Norwich Festival & Artistic Directorate partner for Without Walls.)

This production premiered at Timber Festival in 2021. Thanks to the support of Arts Council England, Without Walls, Company Chameleon, SIRF & Timber.

Watch the videos below for a behind the scenes look at Mayfly.

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Mayfly: Image
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